"Rosatom" has criticized the idea to reduce state support quantum computing

The proposal of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation to reduce by 50% of state funding for the development of quantum computing in 2020 may adversely affect plans to create a quantum computer by 2024, as the current year is planned to purchase equipment necessary to 4.7 billion rubles, said at the disposal of RIA Novosti the opinion of Rosatom.

The opinion of Rosatom was sent to the relevant working group ANO "Digital economy" on 3 June. He refers to the proposal of the Ministry on updating passports of the Federal project "Digital technology": the Agency is particularly proposes to reduce by 50% the amount of state support direction of "Quantum computing" in 2020, with the transfer of the funds in 2022.

"The cuts to 2020 in this area will lead to the impossibility of implementation of the stated in the road map objectives of the creation by 2024, 100-kubango quantum computer, as the main objective of the road map 2020 - the purchase of laboratory equipment to perform any further work. The total required budget in 2020 is of 5.72 billion, of which the budget for the purchase of equipment for high-tech areas "Quantum computing" is 4.7 billion rubles", - the document says.

"The need to build a complete technology stack of a quantum computer from hardware to software level does not allow to exclude specific technological areas. In this regard, the budget funding in the amount of 3.7 billion rubles is critically needed in 2020," - said the Corporation.

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The project on creation of the Russian quantum computer is implemented in the framework of the signed in 2019, the agreement of intent between the government of the Russian Federation and Rosatom on the development of high-tech field of "Quantum computing". The project lasts until 2024. It will unite the efforts of key organizations and teams in Russia engaged in the development of quantum computing, as well as potential users of quantum technologies.

Rosatom to develop quantum computers is engaged in "all-Russian research Institute of automatics named spirit" (VNIIA, Moscow). On a quantum computer are also scientists of Lomonosov Moscow state University, Moscow, nitu "MISIS", Scientific-educational center "Functional micro/nanosystems", Physical Institute named Lebedev, Russian quantum center and a number of institutions. Rosatom created a project office for quantum computing, and, if the Corporation established the expert Council, which included leading Russian researchers and experts in this field.

Relevant data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.