In Primorye, extended mode electronic queues on the border with China

Electronic queues for trucks to travel from the border crossing points with China in the Maritime region, which was imposed over the clusters of trucks before the border, was extended until July 31, according to the government of the region.

Ussuri customs in April reported that due to the tightening of China's measures for combating coronavirus to the Russian border crossing points in Primorye formed a line of trucks. In may, hundreds of trucks accumulated on the Russian side before crossing the "Border" in Primorye, as the Chinese side has reduced the number of trucks crossing the border through the border crossing "Border - Suifenhe", from 30 to 10 units per day in each direction. Later, the authorities were informed about the agreement with the Chinese party about increase in noise of the trucks at the checkpoint a "Border," may 18, the trucks went to China, the movement was restored. May 29-started to operate temporary procedure of crossing the border, according to which carriers are to travel to China must submit an electronic application via the website of the government of Primorsky Krai. Queues at the border went missing in early June.

According to him, therefore, the regional authorities have decided to extend the electronic queues, with minor changes made based on the experience of the work, until July 31. The corresponding decree was signed by the Governor Oleg Kozhemyako.

"While this was done as part of the response, but the electronic queue to the international road border crossing points will operate on an ongoing basis and be regulated by other documents," – said Shestakov.