Kazakhstan offers to introduce quarantine for a month because COVID-19

You must enter quarantine for four weeks in Kazakhstan to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the country, said the Minister of health of the country Alexey Tsoy.

In Kazakhstan confirmed more than 21.8 thousand cases of coronavirus, more than 13 thousand patients recovered was 188 deaths. In the Republic recently separately considered asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus, they are in the country, more than 17.6 thousand. On Monday the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev has held a meeting on measures against the spread of coronavirus infection, where he criticized a number of officials.

According to him, in the first scenario, without strict quarantine in Kazakhstan by the end of August every day will be registered 27 thousand cases COVID-19 requiring hospitalization, and the need for infectious and makeshift beds is estimated as 300 thousand. The second scenario envisages the introduction of a two-week national lockdown, then it will register up to 7 thousand cases a day requiring hospitalization, and the need for the hospital bed Fund at the end of August will be 80 thousand beds.

"The third scenario shows the development of the epidemic, if you will be imposed a four-week lockdown, then at the end of August will be recorded 2.5 thousand cases per day requiring hospitalization, the need for beds will increase to 30 thousand, broadly in line with the current situation. However, this forecast we believe the most effective from the point of view of existence breaking the chain of infection among the population, as well as the preparation of appropriate infrastructure," said Choi.

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