The white house welcomed the court's refusal to review four death sentences

The white house welcomed the refusal of the Supreme court to review four death sentences.

She recalled that each filed an appeal of offenders were sentenced more than 15 years ago. Their execution, according to Makinano will be fair.

The decision of the Supreme court on Monday opened the Federal government the way to lead to the execution of the first death sentences since 2003. Four prisoners tried to appeal rules for the use of lethal injection used in executions. However, the Supreme court upheld the lower court's decision about what penalty to enforce.

The administration of Donald trump in 2019 has announced that it intends to resume the death penalty at the Federal level. At the time of execution in Federal prisons expect 62 people. This is only a small part of the convicts facing execution in the U.S. because the vast majority is in the jurisdiction of the States, not the Federal government.