In Syria, the Russian military voted for amendments to the Constitution

The Russian military, which is now in Syria, took part in the voting on the amendments to the Constitution, their votes they gave on the Russian air base Hamim, item logistics of the Russian Navy Tartus, as well as remote observation posts and the places of deployment of the military police, departments of the Center for conciliation of the warring parties.

Voting took place under strict anti-epidemic measures. Before the arrival of the troops all the polling stations and the surrounding area treated specialists of the NBC protection, all voting temperature was measured, were given gloves and disinfecting hands.

Hamim at the airbase in honor of the important day even a military orchestra played. It was here voted in the command groups of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria, as well as military and civilian personnel of the base.

"Despite the fact that we are here away from home, and perform a combat mission, I believe that everyone should come to make his choice, and it is the duty of every citizen of the Russian Federation, regardless of soldier or civilian," said the soldier airbase Mihail Vladimirov.

Another polling place was equipped with at the airport Metres, where was once an American base, in the North of Syria. In such remote corners of the Arab Republic to help organize the voting members of the electoral Commission at the Embassy of the Russian Federation. On the air base they were taken by helicopter.

In Syria, in addition to Russian soldiers and are civil. They came to Express their attitude to the amendments to the Russian Consulate in Latakia, and voted in the office of Consul.

"Vote for the first time outside Russia. Live far away - in the port city of Tartus. Came to vote," said Andrei Karitskaya.

In the Centre of reconciliation in Aleppo voted military police and TSPVS.

"The day before the vote was conducted rapid tests among involved personnel on the contents of immunoglobulins. Today carried out two-phase processing and, accordingly, all staff provided with PPE in the form of masks and disposable gloves, " - said the representative of the medical service in Aleppo Igor Brovko.