In Arizona back restrictions on coronavirus

Governor of Arizona Doug Dusi returned on Monday, the number of restrictions on the coronavirus because of the sudden outbreak of the disease.

In addition, it is forbidden to gather more than 50 people and called for "responsibly" to celebrate the US independence Day, staying home and not participating in major events.

Beginning of the school year in schools in the state moved on August 17, although the training "on distance" is allowed to start early.

The number of cases of coronavirus in Arizona exploded after the decision of the state government to withdraw from most of the restrictions on the coronavirus. On June 15 the number of new cases was about 1 day in the last four days Arizona captures more than 3 million new cases of coronavirus daily.

A number of States, including some of the largest population of the States of Florida and Texas, announced the return of some restrictions on the coronavirus amid a sharp increase in incidents.

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