The study showed the rescue of the fitness clubs in Moscow after opening

Revenue of fitness centers in Moscow once again made up half of the indicators of the beginning of March — before the introduction of restrictions because of the coronavirus, told RIA Novosti in an IT company "Motor".

Analysts analyzed data from online banks "Motor" in retail outlets of small and average business of Moscow. The indicators of the last two weeks — from 15 to 21 June 22 to June 28 were compared with the data for the week from 2 to 8 March. According to the company, revenue of the Moscow small and medium business last week made up 72% from the beginning of March.

A new stage in the lifting of restrictions on the coronavirus came to Moscow on June 23. Then, in particular, has opened health clubs and pools, as well as the stationary spaces of cafes and restaurants. "Last week in the capital earned a 45% non-network sports centres from pre-crisis levels. Revenue of fitness centers last week to 51% from the beginning of March," — said in the "Motore".

In addition, the growth shown by other segments that are associated with physical activities and sports. So, the turnover of the health food store per week increased to 85% from the beginning of March, with 53%, and revenue from sporting goods stores exceeded the March level by almost 1.5 times and increased to 142% (plus 43 percentage points for the week).

"The number of cafes and restaurants rose last week from 44% to 62% from early March, and the revenue of establishments had increased to 63.5% from pre-crisis levels. A week earlier she was 45.7% from the beginning of March," said the company.

Turnover of beauty, in contrast, declined last week to 83% with 99.5% "Motor" notes that this happened despite the reduction of the effect of deferred demand. While last week increased the revenues of small private museums (up to 47% from the beginning of March, 33%), specialized grocery stores (up to 121% from 63%), homes home (up to 99% from 88%).

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