In Primorye after heavy rains limited the journey to three villages

Held in Primorye rains limited the journey to three villages in three districts of the region, reports the regional government.

The rains began in Primorye on the evening of 20 June. On Friday, 26 June, precipitation increased. In Vladivostok flooded the streets. In the region washed away roads, on the morning of 29 June was limited or absent use of 11 roads. Authorities imposed a state of emergency on the territory of Chuguevsky and Kavalerovsky districts.

In addition, in Chuguevsky district hampered travel to the village of Pavlivka, there is an overflow to a depth of 50 centimeters. Also in the village of novomykhailivka impounded groundwater the local area and vegetable gardens in 20 locations.

In the Yakovlevsky district of the restricted movement on the part of the road Illuminated – Krasnoyarovka, where there is an overflow depth of 35 centimeters. In the Chernigov area on the road Khabarovsk – Vladivostok – Abreeva podtopleny the entrance to the bridge, a detour of a site of the road Shtykovo – Ivanovka – Rettihovka.