Every fourth Russian is not against the 5G, the study showed

Every fourth Russian is not against the introduction of 5G communication technology, however, wish the tower were located at a distance from his home, the study said the company "Delta security" at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Opponents of 5G communication fear the impact of new technologies on human health and the environment. Such fears appear not only in Russia – for example, vandalism against the cell towers of the 5G standard reported in Britain, Poland, Bolivia and other countries. On Saturday, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation Oleg Ivanov said that messages about the negative health and environmental consequences of communication of the fifth generation are unfounded: 5G will operate in the ranges close to when the previous generation of 4G/LTE, a significant difference in its impact on the environment will not.

Against technology 5G made only 9% of respondents, and 14% decided that it is too early to draw any conclusions on the subject and refrained from answering. In the study, experts surveyed in June, more than 1.5 thousand people aged 18 to 65 years.

Currently, the number of countries working on this technology for communication. 5G network should allow to share information in real time at speeds over 10 gigabits per second - 30 times faster than 4G networks. 5G technology features not only high-speed data transmission, but also large-capacity and highly reliable connections with low latency. The 5G network will allow for mass connectivity of the Internet of things, to develop "smart city, smart manufacturing, smart home," unmanned transport, remote medicine, as well as the technology of virtual and augmented reality.