Media: many U.S. States decided to hold off from easing measures from COVID-19

Not less than fourteen U.S. States amid the rise in the incidence of coronavirus decided to wait with the easing of restrictions in connection with COVID-19 suspending or turning relevant plans, told CNN.

According to him, the closer of the US independence Day celebrated on July 4th, officials are anxious to avoid a repeat of the memorial Day when the beaches, bars and parties went thousands of people.

It is noted that in Texas and some regions of California were closed bars, and in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and palm beach were forbidden to visit the beaches in the coming weekend. In the bars of Florida has temporarily banned the consumption of alcohol. As underlined by the television channel, earlier this month in Michigan 85 of people infected with coronavirus after visiting a local bar.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University in the US were 2 564 163 cases COVID-19, died 125 928 people. According to these indicators, the United States leads the world.

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