In Algeria extended a curfew in most regions due COVID-19

The Algerian authorities have extended until July 13, the curfew in connection with the coronavirus in 29 provinces of the country, it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the office of Prime Minister Abdelaziz Jerada.

"The authorities decided to extend the 29 provinces of the country until July 13, the curfew, it will last from 20.00 to 05.00 (c 22.00 GMT to 07.00 GMT)", - stated in the message.

A curfew remains in effect, including, in the capital of Algeria and largest city of Oran, where some of the highest rates of new infections. A ban on any mass family celebrations, weddings, prohibits job fairs and livestock markets.

In 19 other provinces of the country the curfew is cancelled. The authorities noted that in case of any outbreak of infection in a particular district or village they may be introduced-hour quarantine.

Throughout the country remains compulsory wearing of masks in public places, violators will face fines and other penalties, prohibited mass meetings, contributing to the spread of the virus.

Also requested the Prime Minister to expand the network of laboratories, including private ones, where there are PCR tests for coronavirus.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health of the country, the number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus is 13 571, including 9 674 cases of recovery and 905 deaths. On Monday, the health Ministry reported 298 new cases of the disease, and a day earlier on 305 new cases – a record in the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

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