Pamfilova said that "a thousand times" I wanted to resign as head of the CEC

The Chairman of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova said that she had "a thousand times" I wish to resign as Chairman of the Commission, although she has never been ashamed of done.

"A thousand times appeared a thousand times," - said Pamfilova, Vladimir Pozner on the First channel, answering the question appeared whether her desire to resign as Chairman of the CEC.

She added that she did not admit even the possibility to go against the law.

"I'm not done in these four years nothing of what I would be ashamed, no matter what anyone said. I never, never my colleagues or employees have not offered to make a deal with his conscience. I never, never allowed myself or my colleagues, that we go against the law. We were four years go by like a locomotive, without turning anywhere," - said the CEC head.

In her opinion, to do for the last four years has made a lot of progress. In particular, to introduce modern technologies, increasing the transparency of electoral procedures and to extend the possibility to Express their will: CCTV, QR coding, "mobile voter," which allows you to vote from anywhere in the world.

"To say that everything is fine, you can't. Problems with the roof, and we are not in the air, there is a political component, economic, mental. People are different, and I'm afraid that is not a vertical structure, but the process is. I always say: ladies and gentlemen, all the secret always becomes obvious. Based on this, I'm sure everything we do is aimed at that in Russia was a system of election, worthy of Russia", - concluded the head of the CEC.