In USA a serial killer pleaded guilty in exchange for life imprisonment

The killer of the Golden state 74-year-old Joseph James-d'angelo pleaded guilty in committed over 40 years ago crime, he will spend the rest of his life in prison, reports CNN TV channel with the passing in California of hearings.

The-d'angelo was arrested in April 2018, more than 40 years after his first crime. In total the man was charged with 13 killings and 13 abductions in six counties in California. Earlier it was reported that prosecutors intend to ask him the death penalty, but, under the terms reached between the prosecution and the defence agreement, the-d'angelo pleads guilty on all counts in exchange for life imprisonment.

At the meeting on Monday, the-d'angelo brought in an orange prison jumpsuit and a plastic shield on the face. A similar mask for pandemic coronavirus was also on his lawyers. Charged with details reported details of every sane man of the crime. Under the terms of an agreement out of court, the murderer waives the right to appeal the sentence and is obliged to pay compensation to the families of the victims of their crimes.

The-d'angelo was once in the Navy, and then worked in the police. He was arrested only in April 2018 through DNA testing. The prosecution alleges that on account of the maniac, who was nicknamed "the killer of the Golden state" has more than 13 murders and dozens of rapes committed in California from 1976 to 1986.