In the suburbs commented on the oil spill in Khimki

The company-the operator of the reservoir of the river in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, where the detected oil spill, had the permit on discharges of pollutants, it issued reports on the violation of environmental law, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of the region.

Previously, experts have identified the contamination on the surface of the river Chernavka in Khimki, the reason was the storm sewer, which exploits the MUP "Chemotactic". Later on the place was inspected 12 manholes on the manifold in different parts of the city, revealed several violations of environmental law.

The Ministry said that currently the place of pollution, are additional booms in the river bed, at the same time experts MUP "Chemotactic" engaged in the clearing of the channel, pumping of oil products from wells and continue to examine the manifold and all the associated wells.

"According to the survey, you receive all the enterprises involved in the dumping of wastes and untreated sewage into storm sewer. They will be brought to administrative responsibility for gross violations in the sphere of waste management", - noted in press service.