The expert told how to recognize the fake

There are two groups of fake sites phishing and fraud. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, be sure to check the website all the information and all the details of the quality of design, execution, whether the address of the legal entity with the address of the online store, same owners. All this tells you is real or not, said the Agency "Prime" Director General of ANO "Digital platform" Arseny Weltzin.

According to him, the phishing sites duplicate the visual quality of existing sites, for example, the website of the popular online store or the Bank.

Fraudulent sites are not linked to existing brands, and just try to "be similar" to a legitimate business – it can be the online stores are very popular items, but the cost of goods, which they offer is so lucrative that you may desire to pay for them and wait for delivery.

The expert also advised to pay attention to domain name.