The wife of the suspect in the rape of his daughter in Tatarstan met her husband

The wife of Sergei Kukushkin, a suspect in the rape of a seventeen-month-old daughter in Tatarstan, in an interview with the RT TV channel has revealed details of the incident.

As previously reported the senior assistant Prosecutor of the Republic Ruslan Galiev, the Prosecutor's office appealed the decision of the Bugulma district court, which acquitted a local resident in the case of violent acts of a sexual nature against a child.

The woman claims that her husband accidentally injured his daughter. The man himself called her and told about the incident.

The woman notes that the medical examination was recorded by superficial trauma, not penetration.

According to local media reports, in October last year, doctors discovered the bleeding girl, who was with his father and two other children in a private house in Bugulma. The gynecologist found injuries indicating violence. After verification, investigators opened a criminal case.

It is noted that a suspect in the investigation, first denied the use of violence against his daughter. He stated that he just wanted to change her diaper and accidentally injure a child. Then the man said that from-for quarrels with the wife "just lost it" and picked it out on the girl.