Sergey Shnurov became the General producer at RTVI

The leader of group "Leningrad" Sergey Shnurov became geproduceerd RTVI, according to the website of the broadcaster.

"The leader of group "Leningrad" and producer Sergey Shnurov became geproduceerd RTVI. Together with the team he will be working on the main task of the holding Association of millions of Russian-speaking people worldwide through a shared cultural concept," reads the website.

Collaboration with the global peace index, the total coverage of the Youtube channel which over 1.7 billion views, according to the website, is an important step in the development of RTVI. Offer Shnurov did RTVI owner Mikayel Israyelyan.

In the nearest plans of the channel — active development on the West Coast of the United States, as well as strengthening its presence in Georgia, Armenia, and Europe. Channel shows high dynamics of development. Today RTVI broadcasts in 53 countries, and overall coverage of multiplatform media is 225 million.

"Throughout my life, I work with a collective image of the Russian people, the theme of our special world were always the center of my attention. In my work, I sought to maintain the link between the media in our culture and language. Since joining RTVI, I plan to develop the platform for discussing the most acute and topical issues of the international agenda, directly affecting the lives of compatriots around the world", — quotes the website Shnurov.

Cords, according to the website, will deal with the creation and promotion of pnovotny products that will shape the overall creative strategy for the development and broadcasting network, update and promotion of the brand channel.