The apartment in Belgorod found the bodies of dead men and women

A criminal case was opened in connection with the murder of men and women in Belgorod, whose body with signs of violent death was found in the apartment of multi storey house, according to SUCK Russia in the region.

"The investigative Department of the city of Belgorod of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Belgorod region opened a criminal case on the fact of discovery of the bodies of two residents of the city of Belgorod with signs of violent death on the grounds of a crime under paragraph "a" of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (murder of two and more persons)", - stated in the message.

According to investigators, on Monday law enforcement officers during check of statements about the disappearance of two residents of Belgorod found their bodies. Male and female 1985 and 1990 years of birth with signs of violent death found in one of the apartments of multi-storey buildings on the Kharkov mountain in Belgorod.

Currently, with the participation of investigators-criminologists of the apparatus of the investigation Department conducted an inspection of the scene, establishes the circumstances of the incident and the person involved in the Commission of a crime. The criminal investigation is entrusted to investigators of the first Department for investigation of particularly important cases of the device the SUCK of the Russian Federation across the Belgorod region.