Mishustin instructed to study the question of development of technologies in the labour market

The Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin has asked the Ministry of labor and Ministry of communications to study the issue of expanding the use of digital technologies in the implementation of flexible forms of employment and to submit relevant proposals.

The Prime Minister on Monday held a meeting about the situation on the labour market, transcript of the meeting published on the website of the Cabinet.

"I think it would be important to ask you, together with colleagues from the Ministry digital development to present proposals on expanding the use of information and communication technologies in flexible forms of employment and, in particular, to explore issues related to these new forms... Please this order to receive and report back in the near future," - said Mishustin, referring to the labour Minister Anton Khotkovo.

He asked the head of the Ministry of labor, which processes in this area can be simplified for citizens through digitization. The Prime Minister stressed that it is particularly important to look at the possibility of using such technologies in the implementation of flexible forms of employment. He noted that now it would be very effective, considering new possibilities, since these forms of employment in recent years greatly developed.

He noted that now these opportunities are used by self-employed citizens, have been properly recorded. Available to them information about all the companies, banks, offering their services, and new forms of work, explained the head of the Cabinet.