Trutnev called the timing of the establishment of the system of management of development skfo

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev announced in two to three months to set up the control system development of the North Caucasus.

"We actually discussed all this recently at a meeting with heads of regions will try to complete this work most quickly, within two to three months to convert the system, or rather even to be honest – to create a system of management of development of the North Caucasus", - said Trutnev told reporters.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said he plans on Tuesday to discuss this work with the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

"I can't understand why in the public administration (North Caucasus) system is, in fact, service resorts. It's not supposed to be there, it should be in the economy, in business, so, of course, will change, content will be all the same," - said Trutnev.

Vice Prime Minister noted that the North Caucasus is necessary to reduce costs associated with delays in the paperwork, in providing resources, connecting to the energy, obtaining the building permit, and provide tax incentives.