In Saudi Arabia revealed a record number of cases of coronavirus during the day

A record number of cases of coronavirus during the day, was in Saudi Arabia, it is closer to four thousand, has informed on Monday the Ministry of health of Saudi Arabia on Twitter.

"The number of identified per day of the cases of the coronavirus amounted to 3943, bringing the total number of cases increased to 186 436. The number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic amounted to 1599. During the day, 2363 recovered total number recovered during this time exceeded 128 thousand", - stated in the message of Ministry of health.

Saudi Arabia still ranks first in the Arab world in the number of cases of coronavirus. If the rest of the Gulf countries, including neighboring Qatar, which followed the Kingdom for the growth of the infected in the last week this figure was significantly lower, in Saudi Arabia the epidemic is still growing.

Previously, the government of Saudi Arabia has announced that because of the situation with coronavirus in Hajj - the annual pilgrimage to the Holy places of Islam in Mecca and Medina this year will be attended by the Muslims from abroad, to make a pilgrimage only Muslims who are on the territory of the Kingdom, their number will not exceed ten thousand men.

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