The expert explained Lukashenka's words about "the capital of the Motherland" during the parade

The words of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko about the "capital of the Motherland", said during a visit to a military parade in Moscow, due to the fact that the head of the Republic considers himself a Soviet man, said to RIA Novosti on Monday, the expert of the Belarusian Republican public Association "Belarus Rus" Peter Petrovski.

Lukashenko 24 Jun spoke with the guests of the Victory parade in Moscow. He, in particular, noted that he arrived "in the capital of the country" and wished the audience to stand and cheer.

"People like to politicize on this subject and to interpret it in some way, relying on their own ideological preferences. I would therefore not reasoned. These words need to be considered on the basis of repeated statements by Lukashenko that he was a Soviet man and for him the Soviet Union is home to. That is, he showed... only the continuity of its position and how its inviolability. Do not see any problems," says Petrovsky.

He also expressed the opinion that there is nothing unusual in Lukashenka's visit to the Tver region while taking place in Belarus for the election of the President.

"As there are in history instances when foreign leaders in the election campaign, including through visits to other countries sought to demonstrate their political points. This visit shows what priorities puts Lukashenko," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier, Lukashenko said that he plans to attend the opening of the memorial to Soviet soldiers near Rzhev 30 June in the framework of this visit to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. As noted by the Belarusian leader, he would like to touch upon the subject of foreign interference in elections in the Republic scheduled for 9 August.