The expert told about the conflicts between working in offices and on remote

Psychologists observe in groups conflicts between those who returned to their jobs after the isolation of coronavirus and those who remain to work in the remote format, said the head of the Department of pedagogy and medical psychology University. I. M. Sechenov Maria Kiseleva.

"If you take teams now, there are conflicts within teams between staff who remain in isolation, which go on jobs, and now this trend is that this conflict is growing, because working in the workplace consider themselves great heroes, hoping for some kind of assessment of the work", - said Kiselyov during a round table on the theme "Psychological challenges of a pandemic coronavirus: how to cope with them" in MIA "Russia today".

She also noted that at the beginning of the pandemic the main problems people was the organization of his life in isolation. Now professionals have to face two "extreme stories - who wants the winds to rush, forgetting all about the necessary precautions, and someone is so scared that he refused to go to work," she said.

Kiselyov added that another difficulty, which only have to face is post-stress disorder, which may occur in doctors who have worked a long time in the "red zone", 3-6 months after the end of the situation.

"The most important factor that people, our I especially seem to appreciate is the attention of a doctor, the ability of the doctor to explain what is happening to the patient. We also were given recommendations about the correct or better inform patients about what is happening, because the lack of information, this is also an issue, which stated as relatives of patients and patients themselves," - said the expert.

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