Again the Americans mete Russian for myself — and to the detriment of their interests

What Americans know about Afghanistan? The fact that over the 18 years of war in this country, the U.S. has lost nearly 2,500 people were killed — casualties of Afghans did not really known, but is estimated by many tens or even hundreds of thousands. America has spent trillions of dollars on the Afghan operation — and for many years trying to get out of there.

At first I wanted to go, to stay — retaining effect and a few military bases, now in principle ready to just walk away. In late February, the United States has even signed an agreement on the withdrawal of troops with the very same Taliban for the overthrow of which they invaded the country in late 2001. The Taliban now control most of Afghanistan and quietly waiting for the Americans to leave their country to return to Kabul. But before leaving Washington wants to see the beginning of the reconciliation process, to cooperate with the American invaders, the Afghans have agreed with those who do not recognize the us occupation, that is with the Taliban. The negotiations that were to begin shortly after the February agreement still has not started, and it is from their results depends on the timetable for the withdrawal of American troops.

The vast majority of Afghans want the Americans to leave their country, most Americans — also the withdrawal of troops. President trump — like before Barack Obama promises to bring troops home. Many times he spoke about it publicly, but there is evidence of his statements on this subject in the margins. Here, for instance, writes former assistant Ladder for national security John Bolton in his memoirs, Recalling one of the conversations in the White house.

Whose fault is it that the Americans cannot leave Afghanistan? Bolton? But he is no longer in the White house. The generals and the hawks in Washington? But a large portion of American generals were never in awe of the Afghan adventure. If not for The New York Times, we would have never found out the culprits. The publication last week of the mask was broken against the withdrawal of troops Russia plays!

Surprised? And in vain, is it written in a sensational article, "U.S. Intelligence: Russia secretly offered to Afghan insurgents a reward for killing American military." It is clear that this text is intended for internal American use: to show how terrible the GRU, which chose the trump and tried to kill Skripal, pays the Taliban for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump talk about it security services, and he, afraid of Putin, does not react! The fact that the information about Russian fake order, that no report Trump was not, no one cares. In the American White house and Russian the Kremlin can you call an article in The New York Times is false — opponents of trump will use "sensation" for new attacks on him. But at the same time and calls for new sanctions against Russia — it now States in any way.

While in the U.S. not all crazy, so it would be logical to expect that many after reading the "sensation" ask a simple question. Well, Russia hates America that orders the murder of its soldiers to anyone who could, but why she's doing it in Afghanistan? The answer is The New York Times is striking.

"Although according to officials, they are convinced of the reliability of the data of the American intelligence service that Russian agents were offered and paid Afghan militants rewards for killing Americans, they are unable to say exactly how high positions in the Russian government held the person who gave the order for conducting the undercover operation, and what could be its purpose.

Some officials suggested that the Russians might want to take revenge on NATO forces for the battle that took place in Syria in 2018 in which the us military killed a lot of Russian mercenaries attempted to capture the American base. Officials also suggested that the Russians may be trying to undermine the peace talks that the United States was unable to leave Afghanistan."

For Russia, Afghanistan — in fact, a border state: it borders with our military ally in the CSTO, Tajikistan, the impact of the situation in Afghanistan in all the former Soviet Central Asian Republic is enormous. Russia needs a peaceful Afghanistan — of course, without American troops and bases. It is clear that we don't need after the departure of the Americans in Afghanistan was even worse than them, but that is why Russia does business with Kabul, different Afghan factions and ethnic groups, and the Taliban. In recent years, Moscow has openly said that the Americans should leave. So why did Russia break the agreement between the United States and the Taliban* if this is fundamentally contrary to our national interests?

Russia has experience of the eight-year war in Afghanistan, during which we intervened in the Afghan conflict, not appreciating the full extent of the internal contradictions and the play of external forces. And then the United States did everything in order to organize, train and equip the Afghan opposition — the Mujahideen who fought against Soviet and Afghan government forces, including the territory of neighboring Pakistan. That is, the us literally paid the Mujahideen for the killing of Soviet soldiers — it is a historical fact. While Washington did not care to Afghanistan's future — it was important only to the Soviet Union as deeply mired in the Afghan war (which allowed more and lead us against the propaganda in the Islamic world, urging him to Jihad against the infidels and Communists, against this background, whitewashing his reputation, the chief friend of Israel and therefore the enemy of all Muslims).

That is, today, States trying on their own experience to the contemporary Russian politics — Moscow is taking revenge against Washington for 80 years and operates with the same methods? No evidence, no logic — why do we need Russia? To the United States more deeply bogged down in Afghanistan? But they are so stuck there, and the longer it is delayed the withdrawal of troops, the harder it will be to agree among themselves the Afghans. And Russia is vitally interested in the fact that intra-Afghan reconciliation happened a little blood, because unlike the US we are next to Afghanistan and security issues in Central Asia are matters of our national security. Calm, neutral, free from foreign military presence Afghanistan as part of the Shanghai cooperation organization is the only prescription for a peaceful future of this country. As Americans kill not only the Russian money, not the GRU, and Afghans who are tired of nearly two decades of occupation of their country. The sooner American troops can return home, the better for everyone, including for the increasingly divided inside the United States. An alternative to the organized waste will only be an escape, similar to what it was in the spring of 1975 the South Vietnamese from Saigon.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.