The price of Chinese vase of the XVIII century went on auction in 320 times

. Blue and white Chinese vase has sold at online auction for 1.6 million dollars, which is 320 times higher than the appraised value of five thousand dollars, according to Artnet.

For many years she was kept in one of the houses in New England.

A specialist in Oriental art auction Skinner Judith Dowling stated that vase, decorated with images of Lotus flowers and two animal masks on the sides, perfectly preserved.

The expert explained that its uniqueness lies not only in excellent condition and nice appearance. It is important that at the bottom of the work is Imperial seal: six characters indicating the period of the reign of Anjana (1723 - 1735), in a double circle.

According to her, these marks on the vases – very rare on the Antiques market.

"Even if you don't know what it is, you can be sure that before you is something special," she added.

Just buy the vase was 16 willing: "two are Enough knowledgeable people who understand the value of the subject to start the competition," explained Dowling.

She is brought for examination in 2014 vase Qing dynasty, which sold for 24.7 million dollars. She was covered in dust, but touching it with a wet towel, the specialist knew immediately that holding a rarity.