On the streets of Kherson was found Zelensky and the oath to Hitler

Ukraine has become a tradition on a Grand scale to mark the anniversary of the so-called Act of proclamation of Ukrainian state on 30 June 1941. However, until now these activities were mainly confined to three areas of Galicia. There has long been at the official level, decisions about the hanging state and Bandera, red and black flags at the institutions of the cities conducted all sorts of promotions and festive events, including for students.

But this year this tradition has crossed the borders of Galicia. Now in the South, namely in Kherson, there were billboards on which the townspeople congratulate you on the anniversary of Bandera Act. And congratulations on behalf of the mayor of the city of Vladimir mikolaenko. What is characteristic of this action — so it is candor. The posters are not shy almost openly demonstrate the essence of the Nazi historical document, which is still in modern Ukrainian books carefully censor and edit.

The fact that the said Act was proclaimed in the newly Nazi-occupied Lviv. The Germans brought with them and prepared them Ukrainian collaborators: in the train of the invaders came a battalion of Roman Shukhevych, "Nachtigall", which immediately proceeded to the total destruction of the local Jews, and activists of the Bandera Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN)*. Those and hastened to proclaim an "independent" Nazi Ukraine under the leadership of their leader Stepan Bandera. The rush was due to the stiff competition among the collaborators, the Germans acted according to the principle of "Divide and conquer", skamlova and a different structure of the OUN under the direction of Andrew Miller. Accordingly, Bandera afraid that they can get ahead, and therefore immediately declared "independence" under the name of his leader.

Why many Ukrainian sources and in modern school textbooks, where this Act is paid a lot of attention, shyly hiding some of his phrases for dots? Yes, because they clearly revealed the nature of the document, and those people who are now in Kiev unsuccessfully tried to represent "the allies".

Supporters of Bandera directly proclaimed in this Act: "the Restored Ukrainian state will work closely with National Socialist great Germany, which under the leadership of its Leader Adolf HITLER creates a new order in Europe and in the world and helping the Ukrainian People break free from under Moscow's occupation. Ukrainian national Revolutionary Army which is being created on Ukrainian soil, will continue to fight with the ALLIED GERMAN ARMY against Moscow's occupation of Sovereign Power and the new order in the world". And mind you, the words about Hitler and the allied German army allocated special font in the original, so that is no doubt on which side of history the number of themselves Bandera.

That's the phrase still was smeared during celebration of the document and its authors. Still, it's at odds with the tales of the struggle against Bandera — Hitler with the myth that for several years vigorously trying to impose a national memory Institute of Ukraine. Because it was awkward to quote the whole thing.

In Kherson the billboards only covered the word "Hitler" blue and yellow ribbon, but did not hesitate to leave a remark about the national socialist nature of the interaction with Germany. However, there stops appeared and the lights of the same content, which clearly and openly are slimy words of "the Leader Adolf Hitler".

It looks very disgusting, if you remember that recently in the same Kherson signed by the same mikolaenko hung posters, congratulates citizens with the Victory Day, which has been carefully blacked out the stars on the caps of the Soviet soldiers. That is, the glorification of national socialism and Hitler in the Act of 1941, the creators of this visual propaganda't see anything wrong, and the form of the Soldier-liberator from them subject to the law on decommunization. And despite the fact that the ban on Communist and Nazi ideology and symbolism provided the same Ukrainian law.

Characteristically, referred to billboards in Kherson appeared literally the day before the arrival there of President Vladimir Zelensky. And, it seems, they are absolutely not confused. Moreover, he visited the local synagogue, which this year on the night of 20 April (exactly on the birthday of Bandera idol Hitler) tried to set fire to, and proudly boasted: "In Ukraine, the level of anti-Semitism is very low".

Apparently, the fact of arson of an ancient synagogue, and the emergence of billboards with the eulogies of Hitler and national socialism Zelensky to the facts of anti-Semitism is not carried. But could remember what they were doing now glorified "heroes" on the same day, when subordinates Bandera proclaimed his oath of allegiance to the Nazi Fuhrer. A few days before that Yaroslav Stetsko (actually, the author of this document) reported the leader of the OUN*: "Create a militia which will help to remove the Jews and protect the population."

Accordingly, the first thing that took this Bandera "police" came to Lviv — is the mass extermination of the Jewish population of the city. There are numerous graphic photographs of the atrocities, which made a crowd of Ukrainian nationalists in the occupied city. Supporters of the OUN* and did not hide their crimes, they were proud, and happily posed for cameras against the background of their victims.

These pictures clearly refute the myth that trying to impose modern probanderovskie pseudo-historians: that of the Jews of Lvov were exterminated by the Germans themselves. Just the German military were shocked by the scale of beatings and mass murders committed openly on the streets of the city. Some of the pictures seen butchers in Ukrainian embroidered shirts — those not issue nor the Germans, nor even for the poles.

Question: does all these atrocities Zelensky? He shrinks in his chest when he walks through the city where hang billboards glorifying the terrible events of 30 June 1941? Now he says about Bandera: "For Ukrainians, he is a hero and that's cool." And, passing along the Avenue of Stepan Bandera, leading in the direction of Kiev to the Babi Yar cemetery, where are buried thousands of Jews exterminated by the Nazis and their Ukrainian collaborators, certainly does not see any duality. He said in his new year address, which for some reason delighted and Russian liberals: "No matter how a street is named, if it is lit and paved". That is zaasfaltiruyut the road, put the lights and call it even outside of Hitler.

And under cover of these as peaceful, as if "uniting" statements will continue to cover the posters with red stars on the caps of the true heroes and simultaneously posting slogans praising the Ukrainian collaboration, and then (what logically follows from it) — and Nazism and Hitler, and hateful ideas that are preached Bandera "hero of Ukraine". That, in fact, appeared on billboards in Kherson during a visit there Zelensky.