Playing the synthesizer parrot surprised users

. YouTube has published a video in which Jaco (gray parrot) performed on synthesizer popular song "Happy birthday to you", which surprised many viewers.

The early bird named Jenny speaks the song title, for which she regales the landlady, and begins to play. Beak parrot can click on the keys that illuminate in red.

Jenny plays the famous melody pure without a single error and the failure that it is difficult to make the real pianists.

In the end the owner praises the dog, "good job!" The ability of the parrot were appreciated by the users.

"This parrot is truly a genius. I say in all seriousness, no joke," – says @breadandcircus1.

"A very talented parrot. Despite the fact that it shows what button to press, he knows how many times to repeat a note," commented @AM MX.

"What a charming and clever bird," wrote @Jan Small.

"Some people may not even have to play," joked @JayRob videographer.