Lavrov and Prime Minister of Ethiopia discussed the situation with the HPS "the Renaissance"

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiem Ahmed stressed the importance of the meeting, which enabled a three-way interaction of hydro "Revival", said the foreign Ministry.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President of Egypt Bassam Rada said that Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan have agreed during the negotiations on the establishment of the technical Committee for the elaboration of the final document on the Ethiopian dam "Rebirth". Addis Ababa has pledged not to begin the filling of the dam without such a document. The talks were also attended by the representatives of the African Union.

"The importance was stressed held via videoconference on 26 June under the chairmanship of the President of South Africa (Cyril - ed.) Ramaphosa the enlarged Bureau of the Assembly of heads of state and government of the African Union with the participation of Abiya Ahmed, Egyptian President (Abdel Fattah al - ed.), Sisi and Prime Minister of the Sudan (Abdullah - ed.) Hamuka, which developed the format of trilateral cooperation to finalize a mutually acceptable agreement on hydroelectric power station "Revival", - stated in the message of the foreign Ministry.

Lavrov confirmed the invariability of the position of the Russian Federation about the need to find mutually acceptable solutions through dialogue Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan, taking into account the interests of each party and in strict compliance with international law.

During the meeting the parties also expressed interest in resuming as soon as they lifted restrictions for COVID-19, activities of intergovernmental Commission on trade-economic cooperation, energy projects, education and military-technical cooperation.

Ethiopia is implementing a large-scale project of the construction of the dam, "An-Nahda" ("Renaissance") on the Blue Nile in 2012. Its launch, according to experts, will inevitably lead to water shortages in the Sudan and Egypt, located downstream. Since the beginning of the construction of the three countries have already held over a dozen meetings in order to resolve the water allocation issues and to start a new object, but differences remain.

According to local media, the construction of the dam, which is designed to become "the largest hydropower project in Africa", was completed by more than 74%. All the construction will be completed in 2023. In early March the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ethiopia to the Ged Andargachew stated that the filling of the dam will begin in July, and by the end of the month reservoir should contain 4.9 billion cubic meters of water, power generation will start in February-March 2021.