The center Khrunichev produces rocket "Angara" at a loss, said an expert

Space center Khrunichev produces rocket "Angara-A5" at a loss, should be released "Roscosmos" information, told RIA Novosti expert in the field of cosmonautics in Russia, Vadim Lukashevich.

Informed of the financial report of the Khrunichev Centre, it became known that the cost of manufacturing of the carrier rocket heavy class "Angara-A5" is 7 billion rubles. Thus, the Ministry of defense of the missile to continue flight tests sold at a price less than 5 billion rubles for a single missile, said, commenting on the financial report of subsidiaries "Roscosmos".

"Roscosmos" always scolds Elon musk, what he's selling to the Pentagon services at a different price than offers on the market. Here (in the situation of "Angara" - ed.) sale below cost. Two billion and where are you going? This amount need either for someone to pass, or to write off losses. So, venture consciously to losses," - said Lukashevich.

He suggested that for the damages then the company has to sell their land in Moscow, carry out a program of financial recovery. "Are we selling the land under the Khrunichev center are sponsoring the production of missiles?" - said Lukashevich.

Earlier, the Russian company "glavkosmos launch services" (included in the scope of "Roscosmos"), which directly competes with SpaceX for launch services market, said that the American company Ilona Mask cheap reusable rocket, as their real full price originally paid by NASA or DoD. The General Director of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that SpaceX sells its services to the Pentagon are more expensive in 1,5-4 times higher than the market average.