Cannon responded to the invitation for Russia "to go the way of Ukraine"

. Senator Alexei Pushkov said on the words of former assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland, who advised Russia to follow the example of Ukraine.

Earlier, the diplomat said that the best scenario for Moscow is to become the "Ukrainian way" to become "more democratic and free state".

"Nothing more insane and awkward she could not think," — wrote Pushkov in Telegram channel.

The MP noted that through the efforts of American politicians and most Nuland Ukraine became "sick man" of Eastern Europe collapsed in the socio-economic hole. The Senator added that for Russia "the Ukrainian way" is self-destruction and the return in 1990-e years.

According to Pushkov, a former assistant Secretary of state understands what he is talking about, and her tips will only cause rejection.

"They barely hide the dream of American liberals about the death of Russia as a sovereign state", — summed up the politician.