Saratov oblast is not ready for the next stage of the lifting of restrictions

Saratov oblast is not yet ready for the second phase of lifting the restrictive measures of coronavirus, said the Deputy head of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor Nadezhda Matveeva.

Earlier Vice-the Governor Alexander Strelyukhin 25 Jun said that the region may 29-moved to the first stage of lifting restrictions on COVID-19, within a few days will come the second stage.

She urged area residents, despite the summer weather, relax and observe precautions in the first queue associated with the wearing of masks and the use of antiseptics in public places.

Power until 30 Jun banned in all mass activities, cafes, restaurants, cultural and physical education, ordered everyone to wear masks in public places. Residents are allowed a walk in parks and squares in two and with respect to social distance are beaches, fitness centers, 29 Jun shot mode isolation for persons older than 65 years. Quarantined closed verkhazovka the village of Dergachi district. In total, the region 6 334 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, died, 43 patients recovered 3206.

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