Study: pandemic undermined the trust of Europeans to the United States

Pandemic coronavirus crisis led to a sharp deterioration in relations of the citizens of Europe to the United States, according to the study, commissioned by the European Council on foreign relations (ECFR).

The study was conducted by YouGov Datapraxis companies and at the end of April and the first week of may. It was attended by over 11 thousand people from nine European countries - Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

On the question of whether the changed their attitude toward the United States during the crisis caused by a coronavirus, 59% of respondents said that it deteriorated, 35% said that it has not changed, and only 6% responded that it got better. According to the data obtained about the deterioration of relations with the US, most said the citizens of Denmark (71%), Portugal (70%) and Germany (65%). In addition, 64% of Spanish citizens and 68% of French citizens retain the same against the United States.

The same question was asked Europeans about the changing attitudes towards China - 48% of respondents said that it deteriorated. The study revealed the most unhappy in Denmark and France (in both countries, the figure is 62%), followed by Germany with 48%