The Minister of Finance of Lebanon resigns

The Minister of Finance of Lebanon Alan of Bihani on Monday evening to announce his resignation, according to the Lebanese channel al-Jadid.

Bifani channel said that the resignation connected with his disagreement with the strategy of the government and the selected solution to the crisis. "The way in which we go, reckless. People will soon come to handle," he said.

The Minister has denied reports that his resignation is connected with threats in its address from the leader of a local political party, which in Bank accounts and frozen millions of dollars.

Earlier, the head of the party "Tawheed El-Arabi" VIAM Wahhab wrote on his Twitter page that the Minister of Bifani received on your Whatsapp messages with thunderstorms from the leader of one of the parties whose money is frozen in Bank accounts that were intended to representatives of the denominations represented by the party.