Roskosmos confirmed the replacement of the satellite "GLONASS" in orbit backup

The navigation satellite "GLONASS-M", which spent ten years instead of seven provisions, it is planned to replace on the backup spacecraft in August, reported information-analytical centre of coordinate-time and navigation support TsNIIMash (research Institute head of "Roscosmos").

Previously, the replacement of the satellite "GLONASS-M" with the system number 731 on the same backup device with the number of 735 due to failure of the onboard frequency standards, told RIA Novosti source in the space industry.

"(Staff) 735, a change in orbital position 24 to position 22, from 28 June to 9 August," - said at the center's website.

At position 22 is currently the satellite 731.

Previously, the center reported that the unit 731, launched in March 2010 with an estimated life of seven years, was removed for maintenance in June 2020.

Now the Russian orbital group global satellite navigation system GLONASS includes 27 spacecraft (25 "GLONASS-M" and two "GLONASS-K"), of which 23 work on purpose, one is for flight tests, one in service and two in reserve.

For global coverage of the Earth of navigation signals of the system requires 24 operational satellites.