The ROC evaluated by hanging flags of the LGBT community at embassies in Russia

The Moscow Patriarchate supported the protests of the Orthodox community against the LGBT propaganda from the embassies of the US and the UK, noting that the demonstration of such symbols is "disrespectful to the Outlook of many citizens of Russia".

On Sunday, the participants of the public movement "forty times Forty" picketed the embassies of the US and UK, protesting against the fact that the Embassy hung the flag of the LGBT community.

He noted that the demonstration of appropriate signage, as practice shows, is associated with a certain political agenda, which, as a rule, leads to discrimination against people of traditional beliefs and views on family. "In our view, this is disrespectful to the worldview of many Russian citizens regardless of their religion," said Kipshidze.

He also drew attention to the fact that in the US and in the UK there are significant social movements that do not share the thesis of the necessity of equating marriage with cohabitation of persons of different sexual orientation. Therefore, said the representative of the ROC, such a demonstration does not Express beliefs, including philosophical beliefs of all Americans and all British.

"We would also like to emphasize that in American society voices, testifying that the fight against so-called discrimination of sexual minorities discrimination turns out to be traditional Christians. Recently about this publicly and openly declared the American attorney General William Barr. I think that some of the American diplomats would do well to read the speech of Mr. Barra," - concluded the Agency interlocutor.