In the UK recommended to extend the quarantine in Leicester for COVID-19

The UK government recommends that the city of Leicester in Central England to extend the quarantine measures in two weeks due to the outbreak of coronavirus, said the city's mayor sir Peter Solsby, expressing dissatisfaction with the way this decision was made.

According to the office for the protection of public health over the last two weeks in Leicester recorded 866 cases COVID-19, overall, since the start of the pandemic were detected nearly three thousand cases.

"They (the government - ed.) is recommended to extend by two weeks the current level of restrictions that are removed for the rest of the 4th of July", said Solsby in an interview with radio station LBC Radio.

He said that he had received the report with figures and recommendations tonight.

The British government has not yet made an official announcement about this, but the Minister Priti Patel had earlier made it clear that Lester can remain in quarantine before and after July 4, when all of England will be allowed to open pubs, restaurants, libraries, hotels and hairdressing, and also reduced social distance from the current two to one meter.

"I think they (the government) at some point decides to speak with us, but I have to say that if they make conclusions based on this report, they conclude on the basis of something shot down in haste, is extremely artificial and is clearly based on a misunderstanding or inability to understand the city. I believe that this day came a group of officials, they talked to several people and then came back and prepared this report. This may not be a basis for making reasonable decisions in relation to the very significant threats from the virus," said the mayor.

He stressed that the report acknowledges that the number of identified cases of infection COVID-19 is due to the increased amount of testing, and the number of deaths is reduced, as well as across the country. In this regard, Solsby doubts that residents will understand how the extension of the quarantine will contribute to the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the city.

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