In Peru, noted a significant decline of infection with coronavirus

The head of the Ministry of health of Peru Victor Zamora said that in the country there has been a significant decline in cases of infection with coronavirus, according to local newspaper República.

According to Zamora, the country introduced quarantine measures helped to save the lives of 145 thousand people, and avoid hospitalizations for more than 1 million people. "We would not be able to take this blow" said the Minister, noting that without a quarantine situation resembled a "real massacre".

Earlier, the Ministry of health of the country with reference to the assessment epidemiologist Cesar, Monika, Deputy Executive Director of the National epidemiology center reported that taken by the Peruvian authorities measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, including quarantine and curfews prevented more than 100 thousand deaths and 900 cases in the country's capital.

Earlier it was reported that the government of Peru has extended the state of emergency in the country until 31 July and agreed to keep the quarantine in seven departments and in the rest of the country to abolish the social exclusion imposed on the background of a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus. The border will remain closed. The decree will take effect from 1 July.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health of Peru, currently the country has registered 279 419 cases of infection with coronavirus, died 9317 people have recovered - 167 998.

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