Experts explain how dangerous the temperature measurement at airports

Experts warned that check body temperature before aviapoletov can cause uninfected passengers will be denied boarding, reports the Express.

According to experts in global health and medical stability, without this test it is impossible to distinguish between the actual carriers of the coronavirus and people who have high fever for other reasons.

One of the key issues with thermal screening at the airport is the efficiency and reliability of temperature measurement. Ideally, it is required that every passenger stopped to explore.

Attempt to fix the temperature of moving people, especially several at a time, can lead to mistakes and "missed" infected passengers.

Dr. Jonathan Sakya noted that the use of thermal screening to identify infections has little medical merit. It should be only the first step in the process of discovering infected.

The second problem, according to experts, is that thermal screening identificeret General increase in temperature, so boarding will be denied passengers, which is not related to the coronavirus.

For example, it may be a woman during menopause, child is teething. Among other "non-infectious" causes of increased temperature — specific autoimmune and inflammatory (rheumatic) disorders, side effects of certain medications and even stress caused by fear of inability to fly.

Unfortunately, it is not clear what can a tourist do in such a situation, as many airline and airport management said that anybody whose temperature is above normal, you can not get on Board. Experts suggest, if possible, to buy extended insurance that will cover these risks as well.