USC head appreciated the opportunity of modernization of the cosmodrome "Sea launch"

United shipbuilding Corporation could upgrade floating cosmodrome "Sea launch", the required technology has been gained, said the General Director of the USC Alexey Rakhmanov.

"Sea launch", if we will allow him to finish - the Americans, you know, put a bunch of restrictions on its use and its capabilities. It seems to me that we have so far many have been able to develop naval technologies that the organization runs with this platform or something like that this platform would be quite a good element in the development of our space capabilities," he told reporters.

Rakhmanov did not elaborate on what specific restrictions on the use of the "Sea launch" was going on.

Earlier it was reported that before transporting the spaceport in Russia with the launch platform Odyssey and command ship in the United States has removed all foreign equipment: we are talking about information and communication equipment Boeing and the starting equipment of the Ukrainian production for the rocket "Zenit" from "Yuzhmash."

The project "Sea launch" was created in 1995 for the operation of space-rocket complex sea-based. In 2016 S7 Group has announced the signing of a contract with the group of companies Sea Launch (subsidiary of RSC Energia), for the purchase of the property complex of the project "Sea start". In March 2020, the complex received preliminary approval from the U.S. state Department, was transferred to Russia.

In late April, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the S7 Group Vyacheslav Filev said in an interview with the newspaper "Kommersant" that the project "Sea launch" frozen until better times. At about this time it became known that Russia's Roscosmos set the task to the enterprises to carry out the economic rationale for the resumption of the "Sea launch" - estimate the cost of repair of the floating spaceport and the establishment of a new rocket "Soyuz-7". The launches are scheduled to resume in 2024.

It was reported that the purchase of the complex shows interest, Rosatom.