The Kremlin agrees with the position of the CEC according to an exit poll on voting

The Kremlin agrees with the position of the CEC to publish exit poll data on voting on amendments to the Constitution: it is not about elections, not about the competitive process, said press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

VTSIOM published the exit poll data on voting on amendments to the Constitution that is contrary to established practice. Also, they reminded, the law "On basic guarantees of electoral rights and the right to participate in referendum of Russian citizens" is a direct prohibition on publication five days before voting and on the voting day. The CEC thus declared that the publication possible.

"Here is the main authorized Agency is the Central election Commission. Therefore, the conclusion of the CEC is probably fundamental. The opinion of the Kremlin is unlikely to apply here. And in this case the only thing you need to consider that, of course, we are not talking about the competitive voting: that is, it is not an election, this vote," - said Peskov.

He added that, most likely, need to "associate itself with the views of the CEC."

According to him, this may contribute to public awareness, "although awareness and thus, according to available data, there is a very high level," he added.

Sands answered negatively to the question whether the publication of the preliminary results of the influence on voters.

A nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation was scheduled for 22 April, but then postponed because of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country. Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a new date for voting on 1 July. Because of the need to take into account the epidemiological situation and the security of the population, it was decided that the Russians will be able to vote all week from 25 June to 1 July.