The new Minister of defence of Cyprus appointed Charalambos Petrides

The President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis June 29, was appointed Minister of defense of Haralambos Petridis, who previously held the post of mayor of the municipality Aglantzia, said the Cyprus Ministry of defense.

As Minister Petrides was replaced by Savvas Angelides. The ceremony of transfer Affairs in the Ministry will be held on Monday afternoon.

The petridis 45 years. He graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in "property management" and master in "Economics and Finance of land," in Wolfson Gollege, University of Cambridge. Its main activities in 1999 was to assess all types of property in Cyprus. In December 2013 he was appointed President of the Cyprus Agency of land management.

About the upcoming appointment was announced last week after a meeting of the Council of Ministers. In addition to the head of the defense Ministry, changing three of the Minister. Minister of energy, Commerce and industry became Natasha Pilides. In its place, shipping Minister appointed Vassilis Dimitriadis. The Minister of justice and public order became a lawyer Emily Giolitti.