In Syria during the day, returned more than 40 refugees from abroad

More than 40 refugees have returned to Syria from Lebanon over the past day, it follows from the information Bulletin of the centre for reception, distribution and placement of refugees, published on the website of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

"For the past day in the Syrian Arab Republic from Lebanon through the checkpoints, "Cadet-Yabus" and "talkalakh" returned 43 of the refugees (including women and 13 children – 22). From Jordan through the checkpoint "Nasib" conclusion of refugees was not carried out", - said in the text of the Bulletin.

In the place of permanent residence during the day returned 17 refugees.

It added that engineering units of the Syrian armed forces for a day cleared 1.9 acres site in the towns of Duma (Damascus province), Jasim and al-Harrah (province of Deraa). Found and destroyed 35 explosive objects.