Putin congratulated ship builders on their professional holiday

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated workers and veterans of the shipbuilding industry, noting that they create unique ships that will solve the problem at any point of the World ocean, the congratulation was published on the Kremlin website.

The President stressed that representatives of the most different specialties of the shipbuilding industry United by a common noble mission – to serve the Motherland and to strengthen its authority as a great Maritime power.

He also expressed appreciation to the veterans who are in difficult wartime conditions reliably ensure the combat readiness of the Russian Navy, restored the damaged equipment, designed and built new ships, mastered the production of ammunition and weapons. The head of state noted that the invaluable accounts of their heroism was able to put together in the framework of the historical-documentary project "the Shipbuilders of the great Victory", implemented by the Russian historical society and the United shipbuilding Corporation.

He added that largely due to the shipbuilders shipbuilding complex in Russia remained stable in the difficult period of the epidemic. Putin also expressed confidence that he will develop dynamically and to improve their competitiveness.