The expert commented on the high price of the rocket "Angara"

Russian rocket "Angara" has both disadvantages and the obvious advantages, but unattractive to the commercial market it does not its high price, said RIA Novosti the head of one of the expert organizations of the cosmic sphere of Russia, Institute of space policy Ivan Moiseev.

"The main thing is not the price. It is possible, in principle, to play on the prices, reset them temporarily to enter the market. In certain cases, why not? For commercial success it is necessary to demonstrate reliability, it needs a lot of flights, and Angara flies infrequently. All plans are moved out of the way," said Moses.

He noted, however, that the maximum price of the missiles with which to fight for a place in the market is 60 million dollars, that is more than 4 billion rubles. But even if for some time to reduce the price of "the Hangar", she is hardly interested in potential customers, says the expert.

A year runs about 20-30 satellites of its class that is able to display the new Russian missile, and usually it is serial devices, manufacturers of which "used to certain missiles, and lure them will be difficult."

Overall, the expert called "the Hangar" logical and reasonable replacement rockets "proton" running on toxic fuel. The problem is that the creation of the media "just delayed outrageously".

Informed of the financial report of the Khrunichev Centre, it became known that the cost of manufacturing of the carrier rocket heavy class "Angara-A5" is 7 billion rubles, that is three times longer than flying from the Soviet era to the Proton the same capacity.

By 2024 it is planned to reduce the cost to 4 billion. "Roscosmos" in turn said that the defense Ministry is buying these missiles for less than $ 5 billion.