The South Korean authorities will be deprived of licenses two NGOs sending leaflets to the DPRK

The South Korean authorities are preparing to deny the license on the activities of two non-profit organizations, whose actions led to the aggravation of inter-Korean relations, according to news Agency Yonhap.

According to him, the Ministry of national unification Republic of Korea held hearings regarding the so-called "Coalition of the movement for free North Korea" and "Chinsen" before you deny them permission.

Against the two organizations, the South Korean government decided earlier to press charges because of their refusal to stop the transfer to the territory of the DPRK to the inflatable balloon leaflets critical of the Pyongyang leadership.

Because this activity continued for many years, Pyongyang has recently ceased contact with Seoul and blew up the building of a joint coordination office to maintain civil relations between the two sides.

If non-profit organizations will be denied permission to operate, they will not be able to collect financial aid in South Korea. For their part, they criticized the authorities for what they have taken away the constitutional right to freedom of expression.

In 2018, the leaders of the DPRK and South Korea Kim Jong-UN and moon Jae-In had signed a Declaration proclaiming the course for the cessation of hostilities. However, the transfer antipregnancy organizations of the leaflets in North Korea's capital as violation of such agreements.

According to the Ministry of national unification of South Korea, a group of activists of the "Chunsam" eight times trying to get through the demilitarized zone between South and North plastic bottles with rice, the texts of the Bible to USB, and the "Coalition of the movement for free North Korea" last week was going to transfer to the DPRK of 500 thousand leaflets, cards SD memory card, and paper dollars, but balls to them through the military demarcation line did not fly.

Last week police raided the headquarters of the two organizations.