The FAS found the advertisement of the concert of LJ in Chelyabinsk improper

Chelyabinsk management FAS of Russia has recognized improper advertising of the concert of rapper LJ, which was to be held in Chelyabinsk on 15 March, reported on Monday a press-service regional UFAS.

As previously reported, the Ministry of culture of the region, the Agency has received complaints of parents about the concert LJ: they were concerned that the material of the rapper does not meet the age requirement (16 ), and the texts of many of the tracks contain profanity, promotion of illegal substances and sex. In this regard, the Ministry directed the concert organizers the letter with the requirement to ensure compliance with not only current legislation, but also moral principles and rules.

Later, the organizers announced that they had to postpone the concert, without specifying a new date.

As reported by OFAS, Chelyabinsk FAS Russia sees signs of violation of the law on advertising in the promotional information announcing the concert of LJ.

In the course of the proceedings revealed that, according to the design layout of posters, the age category of the concert was set for 16 , but later the organizer of the sign information products of the event was changed to 18 , the report States. However, after you change the organizer was not amended in posted posters, says the press service.

According to UFAS, ROO "sports organization "Sport" does not exercise due responsibility and diligence in the design and manufacture of the model advertising the concert, for violation of advertising legislation in respect of "FSO "Sports" will be prosecuted on administrative violation.