Named the reason of state of emergency with the aircraft of "air Astana" in 2018

The incident with the aircraft of Kazakh airline "air Astana", which took place in the span of the aircraft after routine maintenance in Portugal is associated with the error when carrying out repairs in the country, said the Aviation administration of Kazakhstan (AAK) with reference to the results of the investigation of the Department for the prevention and investigation of aviation accidents Portugal (GPIAAF).

Earlier air Astana reported that on 11 November 2018 its Embraer 190 aircraft performed a ferry flight KC1388 to Kazakhstan from aviation technical center in Lisbon, where the aircraft has passed the routine maintenance c-check. During the flight experienced technical difficulties causing the crew decided to land at the nearest airport, according to security procedures. The head of the airline Peter foster had previously reported that the pilots managed to land the plane on the third attempt after the partial recovery of control of the aircraft.

"GPIAAF reported that a detailed study of the means of flight control of the aircraft showed the incorrect installation of the cable system for controlling the ailerons during maintenance in Portugal", - stated in the message of AAK.

Portuguese investigators of aviation accidents said professional actions and skills of aircraft control of the crew of the Kazakh aircraft.

"The crew of this aircraft did an excellent job, land the plane, which was fatally flawed. And this report will become evidence of their professionalism and sacrifice, the willingness of the crew to direct the aircraft into the Atlantic ocean in order to avoid casualties on the ground," commented the results of the investigation, the General Director of the company Peter Griffiths, whose words are reported.