Chinese newspaper praised the "deadly machine" at the Victory parade in Moscow

At the Victory parade in Moscow was shown a new version of "deadliest cars" - T-90M, system volley fire TOS-2 and upgraded tanks T-80БВМ, says Chinese newspaper "huanqiu shibao".

"Main battle tank (T-90M. – approx. ed.), which is called "death machine" — the main hero of the Victory parade in recent years," the article says. This tank has a high combat effectiveness and meets the operational requirements of the Russian army for the period of replacement of military weaponry, the author of the material.

In addition to T-90M, the other tanks that participated in the parade and attracted great attention is the modernized tank T-80БВМ, he writes.

"Another "death machine", which debuted on the military parade is a reactive system volley fire TOS-2. This is the upgraded version of the flamethrower system TOS-1, called "Lisochka"," - said the author.

In addition, the parade has found a second youth vintage equipment during the Second world war – T-34 tanks and self-propelled artillery SU-100, the magazine writes.

"Demonstration of such a large number of rare vehicles from the Second world war in recent years is rare and suggests that Russia deeply respects its "iron heroes" great Patriotic war", - the author says.

Parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory was to be held on red square on May 9, but had to be postponed because of the pandemic coronavirus. As a result, the parade was held on the day of the 75th anniversary Parade of the Winners of 1945. On the cobblestones of red square were legendary T-34 tanks, more than 200 pieces of modern equipment, some of which are demonstrated publicly for the first time. In the sky flew 75 aircraft and helicopters. The parade was attended by 13 calculations of armies of the world.