Polish village voted for the dude, and the city in Trzaskowski

The current President of Poland Andrzej Duda scored the most votes in the presidential elections, the first round of which was held on Sunday, in the villages, and his rival candidate from the opposition Rafal trzaskowski – in the big cities.

The data of exit poll, conducted by the sociological laboratory of Ipsos, suggests that the Duda and Trzaskowski came out in the second round of the presidential elections which will take place on 12 July. According to exit poll for Dudu voted 41.8% of voters, and for Trzaskowski - 30,4%.

The results show that in rural areas for civil society voted 54.7% of voters, and for Trzaskowski of 19.8%. In small towns with population up to 50 thousand people for Dudu voted for 37.9% and Trzaskowski is 32.8%.

In cities with a population from 50 to 200 thousand people Duda received support at 39.3%, and Trzaskowski and 33.7%.

The situation changed in the cities with population from 200 thousand to 500 thousand people. For Trzaskowski here vote of 37.8%, and for the tune of 32%. The situation is repeated in cities with population over 500 thousand population - 47,2% in Trzaskowski and 24.7% in tune.

In the context of age of the voters surprise you can consider the preferences of the youngest of them: 23.8 percent of voters aged 18 to 29 years voted for Trzaskowski, and 23% – for the candidate from the coalition of eurosceptics and nationalists "Confederation" of Krzysztof Bosak, 23,3% for an independent candidate Shimon the Holownia. Duda in this age group took fourth place with 19.3% of support.

In the other age groups the majority of voters voted for the dude, Trzaskowski is in second place.