Lukashenko said about undermining the situation in Belarus on the background of the election

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that the Republic on the background of the presidential election are undermining the situation, but many people do not understand.

"The main fact, people do not understand that you are undermining the situation. If we hadn't sobered some, today, would have raged and Essen (a city in the Minsk region – ed.)", - Lukashenka said in Salihorsk during a meeting with representatives of the Minsk region. A fragment of this meeting showed the TV channel "Belarus 1" on Sunday.

"It starts gradually, we know: the shattered situation inside the country is brought to a white heat, is offensive to the current government, the scrapping of the government. Well, if someone sits in the seat of power Russian or Pro-Belorussian, come on already with this independence. Through the Maidan - riots, red tape until the appeal to a foreign country. Or do you exclude? And I am not," he added.

As noted by Lukashenka, in this situation he has to think to the maximum, because it does not know "what actions they take."

"Yes, I told them (the police – ed.) gave a signal with the (new Sergei) Tikhanovski. I something not so did? I was worried for my country, for which I am yet to answer and will answer always, in any capacity," he said.

However, he assured that the presidential elections in the country will be "very interesting, and after the election will be even more interesting".

Elections of the President of Belarus on 9 August, Lukashenka is running for a sixth term. Previously, he said that "intensified certain forces which begin to intensificate, rocking the situation in the country" and asked them to choose between democratic and military solutions to the situation. In this case, according to Lukashenko, the authorities managed to make some steps ahead and derail an ambitious plan to destabilize the country.

Videobloger tikhanovski had previously planned to participate in the elections, but was unable to register the CEC an initiative group for his nomination. Thus the initiative group registered Tikhanovski wife Svetlana, and now she's running for the highest office. He tikhanovski and at least nine of his supporters have been detained since the end of may. Concerning them criminal case under article "organization and preparation of activities that breach public order" because of the incident at a campaign rally in Grodno, where he was a scuffle with two police officers. In addition, according to human rights, in relation to Tikhanovski one more criminal case – for obstructing the election.